Who We Are

TelosGlobal is a US based TELOS block producer dedicated to supporting the telos infrastructure.  Our bp nodes are spread across the globe to support decentralization, robustness, and high availability.  Please take some time on our website to get to know us better and we appreciate your vote as your TELOS block producer.  Together, we can shape the future of our world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a robust global network of connected TELOS nodes for geographic decentralization and low-latency blockchain access for all.  Together with the other TELOS block producers, we believe in a healthy TELOS blockchain network decentralized by geography, political influence, and BP entities. 

Proud Telos Foundation Member

TelosGlobal is proud to be a member of the Telos Foundation focused on providing guidance and governance for the TELOS blockchain network. 
Additionally, TelosGlobal is a member of the Telos Launch Group (TLG) comprised of a focused group of renowned block producers working to launch the Telos blockchain network and who are participating in the governance to ensure a successful launch and superior platform to run the world’s best applications.

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